Cafe Nardoon, Yazd

Cafe Nardoon, located in Shah Aboul-ghasem neighbourhood of Yazd, is a cute, cosy place to hang out. The name literally translates to “pomegranate seeds” in Persian. The Cafe is designed quite creatively. Their use of Termeh and Jajim on top of the wooden tables and couches is chic and harmonic. In order to make the […]

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The Ancient Zoroastrian Towers of Silence, Yazd, Iran

Nowadays Zoroastrians are among the religious minorities in Iran, with a huge history though. That’s why there are stunning tracks of them in different parts of the country. Dakhmeh-ye Zartoshtiyan in Yazd is one of these tracks. These structures are also known as the mute towers of Yazd and more popularly, The Towers of Silence. […]

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Varham Fire Temple, The Most Important Zoroastrian Buildings In Iran

One of the attractions of Yazd is the peaceful coexistence of religions in it. You can get to this conclusion easily by paying attention to the various religious buildings in Yazd. In the heart of the city, Yazd Varham Fire Temple stands out, and just a few blocks away, you can see the Yazd Grand […]

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