For more than 400 years, Termeh has been the most sumptuous Iranian handwoven cloth. This luxurious fabric was woven by natural silk and wool fiber. It was traded throughout the Aryan trade regions, where now we know as the Silk Roads.

Yazd has the reputation of producing high-quality Termeh products such as scarves, cushion covers, and mats. They are used to produce curtains, garments, quilt covers, cummerbunds (Persian kammar-band meaning waistbands), robes and even royal headdresses such as turbans.

Termeh: The Luxurious Handwoven Fabric - Yazd Souvenirs - TAP Persia

Nowadays, the more expensive Termehs are usually used as floor spreadsheets and tablecloths; which are about 150 cm2 [five-feet square]. It takes the form of sheets, panels, and other shapes.

Persian Termeh is found in a diverse range of background colors like jujube red, light red, green, orange and black. Different criteria affect the price of a piece of splendid Termeh.

For instance, the number of colors used is a very important factor representing how much labor was used for only 25 to 30 centimeters of each Termeh. As the number of colors increases the piece is priced dramatically higher. Pieces with lining are priced higher than pieces without lining, too. The third factor is the trim. As the trim used becomes wider and more expensive the piece is priced higher.

Termeh: The Luxurious Handwoven Fabric - Yazd Souvenirs - TAP Persia

Naghsh-e Jahan square, with more than 20 shops, provides you with numerous opulent Termeh products. But if you are looking for Rezaei, Hashemi and Hosseini Termeh as the oldest producers of this luxurious Persian souvenir, you can enjoy visiting the workshop and stories in Yazd and Kerman.

Words are not enough to show you the heavenly beauty of Iran’s ancient handicraft, so you are invited to enjoy watching Iran’s most luxurious handwoven cloth:

Termeh: The Luxurious Handwoven Fabric - Yazd Souvenirs - TAP Persia


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