Yazd Art House; A Cultural Hub to Enjoy the Stillness

What about drinking a cup of original Persian tea on the rooftop of Yazd? What about enjoying the mesmerizing alleys and wind catchers? Apart from all the historical sites, Yazd offers to its visitors, you can visit Yazd Art House and spend a couple of hours to enjoy the stillness and beauties of the whole […]

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Top 10 Museums in Iran to Put on Your List

Museums are places where you can learn a lot about a country’s history, culture, and art. Here we provided top museums in Iran you must see.

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Minakari (Vitreous Enamel) – The Great Persian Art

In addition to its colorful sights and attractions, each land has other attractive effects and stuff that we can enjoy. We can immerse ourselves in their sparkling colors and maybe get them as souvenirs. Iran is a very rich country in handicrafts. And the variety of designs, patterns, and colors are large. The art of […]

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